Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is Adult Protective Services in Riverside County? No Protection for Lee Frank 73 years old.

Ty Reddish family followed Lee and family first night and harassed them and their host for hours. They went around intimidating neighbors to not talk or go see Lee. 

Based on authorities on this subject that I have spoken to and what I have read is that Ty Reddish has and is a high risk for criminal activity. 

Riverside County Sheriff and DA left Lee Frank and family completely vulnerable without protection. Threatened her that they would arrest her if she tried to claim her rights. Not only Lee Frank and her family this is a area with many seniors. 

I think it is a major crime that the Adult Protective Services have ignored the request for protection. Along with the DA office, Sheriff department. Ty just put a Mobile home up two doors from Lee Frank, only road to store, and across from mail boxes. I wrote the post office regarding this situation without a reply. Even the local news media know about this situation but do not report about it. Lee Frank witnessed her husband being beat, strangled for several minutes. 

Judge Mike Rushton -told me I wanted someone to blame. That his dad dove into a wave in Hermosa beach and broke his neck. He said he could not blame anyone. He went on to ask me what would make me happy for the punishment of Ty Reddish. This all went on with victim advocate in DA office Kim Emmerling in the room. During review of the autopsy with me he admitted it was a strangulation not a heart attack. Then he said it was a mutual combat. My request to get the documents needed to have a autopsy review and investigation was refused by Mike Rushton personally and the Coroner. I requested Mike Rushton due to all the misconduct during this investigation to have investigation moved and referred to grand jury. He denied us the police report and autopsy for months and now he said go ahead ask the grand jury but we do not share any information with them. 

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