Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Riverside County Fire Department helped with Elder Homicide Cover up for Friend. 27 year old Ty Reddish attacked 68 year old Nye Frank in front of 72 year old Lee Frank.  Ty Reddish told officers how he used wrestling moves on Nye and choked him. Ty's father said he called a friend on audio interview with Sheriff and his friend told him how they can call this a mutual combat and downgrade calling it a heart attack.  Nye's family could not understand why it said fist fight in newspaper the next morning. Nye never hit one time. This was a attack. The friend of Ty Reddish dad was a chief deputy under District Attorney Rod Pacheco when he was a assemblyman. Brian Floyd was also DA and  Sheriff campaign manager. When Nye Frank was a young man he was on the Beverly Hills Fire Department. 

68 year old Nye Frank back. This is man that has never been known to have fight. Zero contact with police for any trouble all his life. Ty Reddish attacked and stranguled Nye Frank, Ty grabbed Nyeby the head and dropped his legs to pull him down with all his weight.Then while Nye was passed out jumped up and down on him in front of Lee, his knees took the skin off Nye back.

Nye Frank, The first hit was when Ty jumped up to hit Nye in the face. Nye pulled Lee Frank his wife out of the way. Ty got Nye in themouth, and then grabbed him by the head and let his feet out from under him. This way to pull Nye down to the ground face down, then kept jumping on him with his knees on his upper bak and chest http://picasaweb.google.com/crystalfinancial/TheHomicideOfNyeFrankOffRoadRacingDragRacingSheriff/photo#5120800781843044834

Fireman shirt that Ty Reddish had changed out of. The fire department that came to the house put on their report that there was no visible injuries. There was several serious visible injuries. They participated in the coverup. Nye use to be Beverly Hills Fireman.http://picasaweb.google.com/crystalfinancial/TheHomicideOfNyeFrankOffRoadRacingDragRacingSherif
Fire Department shirt that Ty wore. The report from the fire department said there was no visable injuries on Nye. When we called to ask them any question they said they could not answer anyquestions.http://picasaweb.google.com/crystalfinancial/TheHomicideOfNyeFrankOffRoadRacingDragRacingSheriff

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