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constitutional right bivens

homicide exceptional report fbi guidelines

homicide exceptional report fbi guidelines

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fuduciary duty



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crime victim rights

Supreme Court of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSharpe); and that the Constitution grants the right to a court-appointed attorney .... Some believe this is because Congress sees Justices as playing a more ..... The Supreme Court has been criticized for giving the federal government ..... law, the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990, that made it a federal crime to ... - Cached - Similar
US CODE: Title 42,CHAPTER 136—VIOLENT CRIME CONTROL AND LAW ...Support of Federal prisoners in non-Federal institutions. 13712. Report by Attorney General. 13713. ... 13981. Civil rights. Part D—Equal Justice for Women in Courts .... 14102. Reports to Congress. Part B—Law Enforcement Scholarship Program. 14111. Definitions. ... SUBCHAPTER XI—PROTECTIONS FOR THE ELDERLY 14181. ... - Cached
Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Enrolled as Agreed to or ..... OF CONGRESS IN ENACTING SECTIONS 2252 AND 2256 OF TITLE 18, UNITED STATES CODE. ... FEDERAL ASSISTANCE TO EASE THE INCREASED BURDENS ON STATE COURT SYSTEMS .... SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING CHILD CUSTODY AND VISITATION RIGHTS. ... › THOMAS Home › Bills, Resolutions - Cached - Similar

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elder laws some serious things to

think about

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This is too much DA Rod Pacheco

going to talk privately with a Federal judge and sharing a attorney with the killer.

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Our DA shares the Attorney with the Killer

against us. That is the first time I heard of this. And the Federal judge had his assitant call us to say we should not come for the hearing but he met with the prosecutor that we have the audio having the dad tell how to cover up homicide to her. And the Attorney for the DA and Killer.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rod Pacheco crimes to Nye and Lee Frank Starred Photos

Starred Photos

Have come across so much corruption to elders in the Inland Empire and the corruption seems to be from the officials. Imagine how Lee Frank felt when she was asking for help at the DA office in Riverside County and asked for a elder victim advocate. She was told by several people and the manager that Riverside County did not have one. Then one day while lining her bird cages Lee's daughter saw a article about Rod Pacheco getting a award for his elder victim advocate program. We checked and it was Federally Funded. We called emailed and called to make a appointment to go in. The victim advocate quit. Mike Rushton the DA Chief Deputy sealed the records for his privacy. The Prosecutor and the Chief Deputy both were promoted after this case. The audio from the sheriff recording that was not in the written report has the father of the killer say how he was able to get help to cover up the homicide by Brian Floyd his past student. He states Brian was the chief deputy under Rod Pacheco when he was a Senator. He was stating this to the prosecutor and the sheriff. The family members of a prior prosecutor, now judge who transfered the property to the Reddish famly were there.

Riverside DA Crime Victims

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Riverside County DA This crime victim family member

wants to know where you get your election money???

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Land Speed Record Holder Riverside County Crime Victim

She is stalked by the killer and his family. The Riverside County DA has done zero to protect her. The fund raiser for the DA Rod Pacheco elections Brian Floyd, brother went to court for the killer. The homicide of Nye Frank a elder with zero history of fighting was falsely blamed for a fight. He had pride in his reputation. The Frank family wants justice. DA Rod Pacheco brags about his election money. Where did it come from? A whistle blower case that was filed was dropped by his claim of privacy. Should we be able to ask? This family wants justice.
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Elder Abuse, Politcal Elections Funding

When a whistle blower case was filed for Rod Pacheco raising election funds by guardianship money his only reply was privacy act.

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Easy Election Funding-Guardianship

DA elections Fund raiser the Legislative rep over the agencies. Blind eye and hear to any complaints. Secret courts -Easy Easy

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District Attorney Crime Victim

Nye Frank Homicde cover up for buddy of Riverside County DA Rod Pacheco.

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