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68 year old Nye Frank -0 fighting experence 

Ty Reddish - professionally trained wrestler , Adult base ball pitcher. 
His dad is a Norco High School wrestling coach

Recent discovery after finally getting the the police report, and audio recordings of the interviews. What we suspected was confirmed. 

Phil Reddish in the interview at the end of the recording states to the lead detective that his past student and friend Brian Floyd Campayne manager for Sheriff Sniff and DA Rod Pacheco said how and what could be done.  This recorded conversation was not made a part of the typed police report. 

Aug 5 2007 after eating breakfast with my dad, 20 minutes later I came into our home and found him dead on his bedroom floor. We live in a rural area and not knowing if my dad could be saved or not I got help from a neighbor who is a retired doctor and his daughter a nurse. They immediately came and did cpr but it was no use. They said the air would not go into his lungs it was going into the stumack only.         

My poor mom had just gone to the corner with my dad, and our cockatoo in their 95 Toyota Camry to get the newspaper the same as they have for the last 29 years.

A young man working on the property across the street came yelling at my dad that he was driving too fast.  My mom hearing the voices going up got out of the car and said to my dad lets go. But the young guy just kept coming and following them yelling. My dad started for the car and when the guy was following him he turned and told him he was acting like a punk. The young guy jumped up and hit my dad in the face and grabbed him by the head like a professional wrestler. He jumped up and down on my dads back, then his  chest, beating him in the head. All the while my mom was begging him to get off seeing her husband uncouncious and jerking. 

Finally after several minutes mom got her car and when Ty saw the car coming got up and walked to his house. My dad was able to get into the car but could not talk. Mom asked him who that guy was and Nye tried to tell her but she couldn't understand the words. Mom told him she wanted to take him to the hospital. She just wanted to get a clean shirt first. Nye went to wash his face. Before 5 minutes Nye was dead. Mom had one arm in the sleeve of her shirt. 

During the interview at our home the prosecutor that came was very rude and abrupt to my mom and kept asking her if her brain was working. My mom was in a state of shock and the lady had zero compassion. Then next morning in fact I called to complain about it. 

The night my dad passed we were invited to a neighbors for dinner. Her late husband had worked on a car project with my dad. We were followed by a car. When we got to the house we were guest at the people following us jumped out of their car insisting for them not to invite us. During dinner they called every few minutes. 

The next day it was in the news paper that my dad had passed away. But in the paper it said a fist fight had occurred. I asked my mom did she see my dad hit Ty even once. She said no he never hit him. My dad as a young guy worked as a fireman in Beverly Hills then crew chief for race cars most of his adult life . To do that you have to be a very level headed person. I never saw him in a fight. A employee of his that worked with him for 29 years said he never saw him in a fight. I gave his resume to the police and gave them permission to contact anyone he has ever worked with. 

Tys family: The next day they went door to door telling their story. Then if someone came to see us they immediately went to their home to hassle them. The third day after the incident the Ty  was let out of jail. The father and two sons then went back to the property on the corner two houses from ours. They proceeded to waive to us, and the neighbors  every time someone drove by. Thats the only way to our house. I called the detective and he said there was nothing they could do about that. 

A few days later the detective told us my dad had a heart attack and they concider this a  mutual combat situation. I asked him how they came to that decision and he said because there was not any witnesses except my mother that it was his word against my moms. We asked if they did a drug test as my mother told them when the incident happened that it was like he was crazy on drugs. When mom told me about it I told her it sounds like steroids. 

The Prosecutor and Detective did not feel they needed to drug test Ty Reddish while he is on probation and has had past drug issues. We asked if they were investigating his past history and background and they said no. That this is concidered a mutual combat case. 

About 5 days after my dads death we had a man come to our home and told us he had a bad expererience with Ty Reddish yelling at him when he visited his mother on the weekends. Then he had Ty come to his car and her was very verbally agressive. He told Ty he was not going over 15 miles per hour. He said only way to leave was to appoligize. Then we found out he had been in a recent accident at a neighbors house and had very agressive and  scarry behavior to the point the husband had his wife and child lock themselves in the house and call the police. The CHP did not come during the two hours the guy was at the house till his car got pulled by a friend of his. Turns out he was driving without a license. We were also told he grabbed a runner once for making too much dust but when seen by others let him go. I faxed the two affidavates to the Sheriff. They said they did not feel it had any bearance on this case.  

My mom and I visited my dads doctor and requested he contact the coroner to find out what was going on about the autopsy. My dads doctor told us my dad did not have a heart attack. I wrote the coroner a fax and requested a call, stating the sheriff had told us my dad had a heart attack. I asked in the fax if he did what artery was blocked and what color was the heart around the blockage. The coroners office called and said they never stated he had a heart attack. I called Jesse Martinez at the Cabazon Sheriff station and told him what the coroner said and asked how he came up with heart attack. He said he guesstimated it. The Detective told me my dad had no visable injuries they could see. 

I tried for weeks to get in contact with his supervisor and could not. I called a friend of my dads who helped me contact Bob Dohyl at the Sheriff office. He said he would check it out. When he called back he said my dad chocked Ty. We were shocked and thought they made a error in the typing of the file. We sent a letter and made calls regarding this but they just said they could not give us any information. I asked Bob to help me get a appointment with the coroner to talk to him. We got a appointment there but when we met with the two men there it was Dept Dan Wilheilm and John Shultz from the Cabazon office. I told them about what my concerns were. That from the information I had gotten Ty was a baseball player on a mens team, a wrestler.  We were have heard hear say that  he sells drugs and illegal guns. The guy he use to work we were told sold a gun to him and is in jail for 12 years for attempted murder. They said they knew all about him and everything I was saying but it did not affect this case. I had the two affidavates but they did not want them. They said it would not do any good. We were not allowed to talk to the coroner.  They told me a story that did not ring at all true. I asked them where they got this information and they said from mom. I asked if we could have a print out of her statement. They said it was in the recording. I told them that was better. But they did not agree to give us a copy.

I kept checking to see when the autopsy was done. On date I called Dept. Jesse Martinez and he said he had the report. I immediately after hanging up called the coroners office and asked them what the report says. They told me they reported it as homicide. The next morning I went to the DA office and asked them about the case and who the prosecutor was. They did not know anything about the file and had to make  five calls to locations to find the file, and what prosecutor was assigned. It turned out to be the lady at the house. She refused to give us her card the day she was there when we requested it. They informed her I was there. She came out to talk to me. During this conversation I told her I asked her what was being done to investigate this case. She said it was not being investigated. She said she had made up her mind while at the house that this was a mutual combat and your dad had a heart attack. I then told her the coroner said he is reporting it as homicide. She told me she did not believe me and even if he did she would not prosecute this. She then said if my mother and I keep pursuing this she would have my mother arrested. She said my 72 year old mother attacked Ty. That Ty had two attackers. I again asked her for her card and her reply to me was why.  I was so upset I had to stop before going home for a couple of hours. I could not believe what I heard. 

The next morning I called the coroner to ask him a question. He was talking to me just fine untill he was going to look something up in the computer. When he went in to the notes he said to me I am sorry but it says here I cannot talk to you. I asked him if that was typical and he said no. But he could not talk to me any more
I protested what was happening and asked to talk to Diema Calhouns boss. I got a appointment with Mike Rushton at the DA office. The first time there he said he knew about the case and that there was nothing that would change the decision. I asked for a copy of the police report and autopsy. The would not give me one. Finally I got a hold of a national victims group and got help to see the autopsy. Mike Ruston told me I could not have a copy.  But I could not look at it alone. I asked to bring  a nurse or doctor and he said no. When I arrived there I had a friend with me and met with Kim Emmerling the victims advocate at the Da office.  When Mike Ruston arrived he said Dawn I am letting you see this because you are so stubborn to believe your dad had a heart attack. He said his dad broke his neck at the beach and he cannot blame anyone. But I want to blame someone for my dads death. The front page of the report says cause of death author. But I prepared for the meeting by reading a police training manual on how to tell if someone has been stranguled. When I studied the report I told Mike that what I see is signs of strangulation. The p, the hematoma, and that the injuries match what my m. I had emailed Kim a copy of the report and so asked her Kim do you have a copy of what I sent you. She said she could get it. At that point Ruston raised his hands and said ok your right but that is not why we did not investigate this case. This was a mutual combat. 

I do not see how a man who has never been a fighter, and had a witness that he never hit can be a mutal fight with someone thirty years younger who has professional wrestling training. Could he possible be afraid for his life from my dad? What I have learned is Ty is a hot head and puts himself in situations that can be explosive. He wants to fight. He likes to fight. 

I had been told two complete oppisite stories about drug testing  Ty. Dan and John Jesses supervisors stated that he was drug tested. I had been asking Mike Ruston if that is the case and he said he is sure he was. I asked him while I was there could he please check now. He came back and said he thinks I know the answer. No he was not drug tested.  Then I asked him how they came to the conclusion that they did with my dad having zero reputation of fighting and with the other affidavates I turned in. He said they reveiwed the affidavates at the meeting and they still made that decision. He pointed to a big binder and said that is what they had at the meeting. I asked him to just open it and show me the letters because I cannot beleive they could come to that conclusion after reading them. He opened the book and the affidavates were not there. The victims advocate witnessed this entire situation. I then complained about not being able to get a police report. He said I was halucinating. I told him no I have asked for printed paper of what my rights are to get the report for months. He then had Kim get me a book. He said I could get a report anytime. I went down to get a report and denied a couple more times. Even had them call his office. At the  Cabazon Sheriff office I stated I had a constitional right to have a copy. The office manager Wilimine said she did not know of any such rule. I asked her if she had a victims rights book and she said no she had never seen one. I asked her if I get a court order can I get the report. She said they would just black out everything, but give me a blacked out report. 

During the esparaza fire he tried to get a riot started and when a older woman said he should try to cooperate he yelled at her in a very offensive way. 

When I examine Tys records it has in the notes that he brings a doctors note in for his medical condition to get out of going to jail. He get sezzures. When I looked up sezures the person can usually be ok unless they take durgs or alchol. The dui says .08 dismissed /furtherance of justice. 

Has it been it the past that the favors that Ty has had caused my dad to be exsposed to him and cause his death? 

We could not get the police report. When I spoke to the main records department they confirmed it states case closed. 

Finally one day a man named Investigator W called our house. I was not there and he did not leave a phone number. So I looked for his name in the employee directory. It was not there so I put it in google. It came up as internal affairs, and he had just fired 6 deputies in a corruption case. When he called back I immediately asked him if he was the one. He was not happy that I found out he was. He told me I had to request my file from internal affairs. 

The day the police report was release it was raining. The Cabazon Sheriff department said we could pick up the report. But it had to be my mother. Even thought I had a power of attorney they would not let me pick i

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