Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The pictures of Nye Frank and Ty Reddish and audio speak for them selves. The corruption of this homicide runs deep in the Riverside County Government System. They all work together to cover over a homicide for a friend. When Lee Frank went to the District Attorney office in Riverside County and requested a elder victims advocate she was told that Riverside does not have one. When Dawn the daughter saw award given to Rod Pacheco for Elder Victims Advocacy she wrote Kim her advocate at the DA office. Kim wrote Dawn back she will no longer be with the DA office end of August. Dawn had requested the records from her meetings with Mike Rushton who is now a judge. We requested them from DA office and Internal Affairs. Both will not reply. 

Audio recording of the Father of Ty Reddish telling the Sheriff that before they came he had time toPictures show clearly a 68 year old man killed by a 27 year old man call his friend and past student who use to be chief deputy for Rod Pacheco when he was a assemblyman. He states that every thing is part lie and truth. That the only witness was Lee Frank and how they could call this a mutual combat.  What was strange is that the prosecutor was there talking to Reddish family then Lee Frank at the scene. When Dawn spoke to Prosecutor D. Calhoun she told Dawn if she and her mother kept pursuing this she would arrest Lee Frank. She said 27 year old Ty had two people against him. Both at the place of original incident, and DA office Calhoun refused to give her card. Calhoun transfered to San Bernardino after Dawn had complained many times about Calhoun.

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Riverside Homicide Coverup Proof Nye Frank and Ty Reddish pictures and audio Homicide Coverup of Nye Frank

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