Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Suicide of the offender (the person responsible is dead).
Double murder (two person kill each other).
Deathbed confession (the person responsible dies after making the confession).
Offender killed by police or citizen.
Confession by offender already in your custody or serving sentence (this is actually a variation of a true clearance by arrest -the offender would not be 'apprehended' but in most situations would be prosecuted on the new charge).
Offender prosecuted by state or local authorities in another city for a different offense or prosecuted in another city or state by the Federal government for an offense which may be the same (an attempt is made to return the offender for prosecution, but the other jurisdiction will not allow the release).
Extradition denied.
Victim refuses to cooperate in the prosecution (this action does not 'unfound' the offense, and the answer must also be 'yes' to the first three questions relating to exceptional clearances).
Warrant is outstanding for felon but before being arrested the offender dies, for instance, of natural causes, as a result of an accident, or is killed in the commission of another offense.
The handling of a juvenile offender either orally or by written notice to parents in instances involving minor offenses such as petty larceny. No referral is made to juvenile court as a matter of publicly accepted law enforcement policy."

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