Monday, October 26, 2009

Lee Breedlove-Frank has been having a eld... | Diigo

Lee Breedlove-Frank has been having a eld... | Diigo: "#1 about 4 hours ago Nye Frank
Lee Breedlove-Frank has been having a elder hate crime committed against her and her family in Riverside County. With full knowledge of sheriff and DA Lee, her family and neighbors has been stalked, intimidated, isolated by a family who son killed 68 year old Nye Frank. On top of this the parties in the DA staff were promoted

Please write your Legislators to investigate this case. Thank you[ Reply ] [ Edit ] #2 less than a minute ago Nye Frank
Nye Frank has invited mazyar hedayat, nyefrankracing frank, Kavi J to this conversation ,with the following words:
Lee Frank needs the Racing Industry to support her Civil Rights and write your officials for justice. Because there is no division in power or the DA and Attorney Generals office with joing law suits we have had zero assistance"

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