Monday, October 19, 2009

Nye Frank Elder Victim both Rib cages broken

What could it be?
No case number, no records, refuse to give records, put a false article in newspaper, Put a false statement of fact in court, change court records, judge on probation case refuse to act on knowledge of homicide and broken probation. The case is not linear as it expands further to a prior documented abuse. There is questions about the right to transfer the title to a freind by attorney who claimed we are told with alledged zero proof of being the successor of a trust. Is it really the prior owners signature? Why would he change his plans that he and his wife have had for years and years.

Federally Funded Fiduciary Relationship to a Elder DA Victim Advocate Staff told Lee Frank and family that the Riverside County DA does not have a Elder Victim Advocate. Later we saw a article in the newspaper of DA Rod Pacheco getting a award for his elder program. I checked the County web site and verified it was funded.

The autopsy has homicide with natural cause of death.
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Nye Frank Racing said...

Lee told the officers that Ty was jumping up and down on Nye while he was passed out.