Saturday, October 17, 2009

The path to uncover the Corruption Nye Frank Homicide 2007 SCORE/Tecate Baja 1000: Norman Motorsports Trophy Truck #8

In Riverside County if you have the right friends you can get away with murder.
Attorneys for Supervisors, prosecutor Daima Calhoun, Coroner, Internal Affairs, Sheriff

Put in a false statement of fact 8/5/2009 we were able to stop it but there is a major corruption problem here in Riveriside County
Fields-Judge denied victim rights, Dimaggio is alledged to of changed court records. Taylor( family of Dimaggio) use to work for Kinkle and went to the sheriff with Reddish, Reddish said to the prosecutor and sheriff he has help in DA office by the name of Brian Floyd.

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