Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nye Frank was well respected. He headed up many race teams and has zero history of fighting. Lee his wife was there and states he never hit. Lee Frank has had a very bad evil done as the Sheriff and DA let the Reddish family stand two doors from them and intimidate anyone if they visited Lee Frank who is a elder and this qualifies as elder abuse. They would even walk along our car. When we called the sheriff they said there was nothing they could do. Adult Protective Services refused to come out 3 times. We could not get a protective order because we could not prove we were victims.

Not surprisingly the story of the property that Reddishes are at is one that belonged to a elder, verified in court records that it was reported being illegally taken.

After Nye passed a friend of his came and visited. He said he wanted to drive by the Reddish home. He came back and asked us if the ex proscutor moved back up her as their car was at the Reddish home. We did not know who that was or that it had any meaning. But time has brought the picture clear. Lee knew the prior owner John Husbeth almost 50 years and best friends with his wife. John known as Red as he sold the Indian Mortorcycles past years stated he planned on leaving the property to his daughter as he and his wife planned. He did call Lee about a week before he passed away and asked her to take him to the doctors. But Lee's step dad had a heart attack and could not take him and then the Reddishes did not like anyone to go. I kept hearing stories and how Joyce the daughter was told if she fights the transfer she will get nothing, other wise she will get ten thousand dollars. Looking at a ten year chain of title it looks like the signature is not John's. The ex prosecutor claimed to be the successor of the trust and transfered the property to her friend who was paid to buy groceries for a old man.
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