Saturday, October 10, 2009

The property that the Reddish family now have was transfered to them by way of a personal friend who was a attorney who alledged to be the trust successor- not what the elder had claimed days before his death. The property was transfered to a friend not the daughter of the elder.

Diana Dimaggio-Trust Successor to Sheri Reddish- Personal friends-represent in court for free

Diana Dimaggio does fund raising for the organization that Prosecutor Daima Calhoun was president of at the time, also where Diana use to work.

Presiding Judge Fields in charge of Ty Reddish summary probation also a ,member of that organization. Notified Court records changed, requested to go to probation hearing. He wrote back should not be contacting him.

Brian Floyd on commitee with Judge Fields

Brian Floyd past student of Phil Reddish, past cheif deputy under Rod Pacheco

Brian campaign manager for sheriff, DA, Fire Department, involved in school districts

When sheriff went to location of property where Reddish was Diana Dimaggio husband family there. Jo Taylor and two others.

Phil tells the homicide detective and the prosecutor has help of what to say to get out of this high up in DA office. Tells about Brian, and told to say heart attack.

Ty had fire department shirt on during attack. Took off and showered for his sheriff pictures. No drug test.

Daima Calhoun said she made up her mind at the location, told sheriff not to investigate. Told coroner not to talk to us after coroner told us homicide. Check came back as homicide after autopsy.

Mark Seacrest with the Coroners- teck sent email to sheriff of natural cause of death. The autopsy does not meet legal guidelines. The cause of death is natural cause of death with homicide.

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