Monday, August 18, 2008

Subject: My letter to Nova

From: Dawn Breedlove <>
Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:07 PM

Regarding my Father Gordon Nye Frank and Lee Frank 16789 Valley Hi Dr, Banning CA 92220
Elder Homicide in Riverside County- case closed by exception. Da said they called it a mutual combat when the only person who hit was the 27 year old.

Aug. 5 2007 my 68 yr old father was attacked in front of my 72 year old mother. Both Nye and Lee Frank have never been involved with the law. The 27 year old( 40 years diff) Ty Reddish has professional wrestling training. He admits on the audio tapes he used signature choke holds on my dad. The police interviews reveal that the guy has a combative disorder. Also it reveals a personal relationship with the father of the guy and the DA office. The case was closed without investigation as a mutual combat. There is not any proof that my father hit ever. And the injuries show a person who was beat with rage. The guy and family have followed my mother, told people not to visit her, or let her in her house. The Riverside Sheriff said that there is nothing they can do. My father led a very public life without violence. This is a terrible experience. We have tried getting help. We were always told by DA also that there is not a elder advocate when the DA just got a award for that division. The fire department put down no injuries on the report. The coroners report has homicide with natural causes as cause of death. The DA kept telling us it was a heart attack when the coroner said it was not. Attorneys say it will take too long to sue and too much money. Where is there justice for my father and mother? We have requested the lab, photos, and xrays and DA says no because we could sue them. The internal affairs was contacted by nova. They gave us the police report and autopsy as the sheriff and DA refused. After listening to the audios we asked them if they are investigation this. They said no they do not investigate just giving us the information. And stated that now that we made a complaint they cannot talk to us. The 27 year old also was never drug tested while on probation for DUI. DA refused to let the judge know before released off probation, and was let out of jail in three days without bail. We keep being told the DA has to be the one to do something. What if they wont as a favor to a friend. Where are my parents rights and protection. Also it is a area with a lot of other seniors. My mothers house is two doors from where this guy plans to put a house. Right across from the mail boxes and news stand. Can anyone or department help. The idea of a private attorney has not worked as it will take my mothers life time income and assests and she will be dead before end of case. Dawana Breedlove 310 619-6260, I can email any documents I have on this case.

From: Lisa Nerenberg <>
Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 11:25 AM
To: Dawn Breedlove <>

Dear Dawn,
I read your letter with great sympathy and frustration. As you may imagine, I get emails like yours almost daily describing situations that cry for investigation and follow-up. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills or expertise, not to mention the time, to serve as an advocate for everyone who contacts me. Your note has, however, inspired me to follow up by sending out a call to colleagues to help develop guidelines to help family members like yourself find help and recourse when systems fail. I realize that that doesn't provide the immediate help that you need, but possibly it may help others in the future. I will also hold on to your email and let you know if I come upon any resources or ideas. Good luck to you.

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