Monday, August 18, 2008

Nye Frank Homicide Cover up pictures

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Nye Frank Racing, Murder case said...

Kim Emmerling was the Victims advocate in the DA office in Riverside County. When you go to get help from the District Attorney office as a Victim they make you go to the Victims advocates. They are really employees of the DA office with a title that is deceptive.
Mike Ruston was the only person I dealt with at the DA office. D. Calhoun threatened me the first time I had briefly met her at the DA office. She threatened to have Lee Frank arrested if we continued to pursue this. When I told Mike Rushton first he denied it and I asked for a lie detector test. We never saw Calhoun again she moved to San Bernardino DA office after this.

Nye Frank Racing, Murder case said...

I have been requesting for the print out of Kim Emmerlings notes from my meetings with Mike Rushton. Two weeks after my request she notified me that Aug. 31 was her last day at the DA office. I never got the notes. At one point I had gone to Rod Pacheco's office to speak to him. I got sent to victims advocate there. She could not find any notes on my meetings in her system. Kim said it was put under a different name but still there. Her boss came out and confirmed the notes are there but I have not been able to get them.