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Mike Rushton now a judge, Grand Jury Request

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From: Emmerling, Kim <>
Date: Dec 10, 2007 4:58 PM 
Subject: RE: Nye Frank
To: Dawn Breedlove <>
Cc: "Placencia, Cecelia" <>

Hi Dawn,
I am glad you were able to get the police report. If you are seeking transcripts done at the police department you will have to contact them for any requests. I have forwarded your emails to DA Rushton and he is aware of your request for Grand Jury information. He said he will send you the information in a letter form and you can expect to receive it in the mail in a few days. I also spoke with Maribel at the Coroners Office today and she was preparing the Coroners Packet to be mailed out to you.
Thanks for your patience while I was off last week. I hope this helps.
Kim Emmerling
Victim Services Advocate
951 955-5508

From: Dawn Breedlove [mailto: HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"] 
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 9:58 AM
To: Emmerling, Kim
Subject: Re: Nye Frank
Hello Kim,
The police report is being given to us today.  I understand that the police did a tape recording of my Mom's statements at the house.  The report does not have the transcript of that recording.  Can you find out please where I can get a copy of that tape recording?   I would like to request for a copy of that recording.  I hope you can get back to me asap.  Thank you 

On 12/4/07, Dawn Breedlove <> wrote:
Kim I am requesting that this case be transfered to the Grand Jury. There are many things that have been done illegally regarding this case. I am giving our story to the news. Please make Mike Ruston aware also that DA Calhoun refused to give anyone her card at the time of her visit to the property. We thought it was strange but come to find out it is also illegal, per the CA commission on fair justice.  I think this story will come out showing the activities of the Sheriff and DA office doing illegal favors. I am sending this as a formal request to notify the DA office that I am requesting this file be investigated by a out side grand jury. This file has been mishandled several times.  Please confirm you have received this and given it to Michael Rushton today. I also hope that Michael Rushton takes into consideration my safety and my mothers. My mother is scared by the harsh tactics that have been used, and letting the Reddish family harass us and the neighbors and make people afraid to talk or come forward. Please let Micheal know we are concerned about  DA Calhoun and her group.  I hope he has the integrity to help us. I will not let this illegal tactics stop the truth from coming out and getting justice for Nye Frank. Also I asked for the letter regarding my representing my family. I know my mother has this legal right as she is over 70 years old. Call your advocacy board to confirm. Please do not send a form letter. I am requesting the response to my request and confirmation that Micheal Rushton has received my request. I have kept copies of what I have sent into the DA office and used efax to document the time and date, along with mailing and often emailing the documents. 

Dawana Breedlove-Samimi

I requested a copy of the transcripts a couple of weeks ago for my meetings with Kim as she was the only witness to Mike Rushton's meetings with me. She told me that Aug. 31 was her last day. I wonder if this had something to do with that. 

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