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Riverside County This is a case of a DA doing a favor for a friend. With proof. Also a rubber stamp from Attorney General, documented mess ups from DA, Sheriff, Coroner, Victims advocate, Judge, probation department.
Riverside County DA Rod Pacheco Corruption Coverup, Sheriff, Fire Department, Coroner
Riverside County
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Aug 31, 2008 
Riverside County This is case of DA doing favor for friend. With proof. Also rubber stamp from Attorney General, documented mess ups from DA, Sheriff, Coroner, Victims advocate, Judge, probation department. Similar complaint for what Grand Jury is currently investigating them for. Look at news link at investigation of the DA in Riverside County by Grand Jury currently underway for DA pressuring to change reports.
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Justice for Nye Frank,Poster to put up at theraces petition put out,July 27, 28 1500 signatures to go to attorney general to investigatcase.

Nye Frank back where Ty Reddish knees had gone into his back. Riverside County Coroner states that the jumping on Nye Frank back and chest, Ty choking Nye was concidered natural cause of death. Bottom of autopsy says homicide but cause of death says heart disease. He also had broken Ribs. Mike Ruston at the District Attorney office said his dad broke his neck diving into waive. He could not blame anyone but wanted to blame someone for my dad having heart attack.

Ty Reddish told police Nye Frank attacked him. His statement says Nye chocked him. But as you can see that is false statement, thereis no marks on Ty's neck that shows he was strangled. The audio interview of Phil Reddish has himstate he spoke to someone how this can be called mutual combat.

27 year old Ty Reddish, professionally trained in wrestling, and adult baseball pitcher. On probation for drunk driving at the time, and had prior drug issues.

68 year old Nye Frank back. This is man that has never been known to have fight. Zero contact with police for any trouble all his life. Ty Reddish attacked and stranguled Nye Frank, Ty grabbed Nye by the head and dropped his legs to pull him down with allhis weight. Then while Nye was passed out jumped up and down on him in front of Lee, his knees took the skin off Nye back.

Nye Frank race car builder 68 attacked by 27 year old Ty Reddish 40 years younger and trained wrestler, and adult base ball pitcher attacked Nye and murdered him. Lee Frank was the only witness, she said Ty jumped up to punch Nye in the face, Nye reached over and pulled mom out of theway. Ty Reddish grabbed Nye by the head and bent him to the ground with all his weight. Nye's glasses dented with the gravel show how hard he hit the ground.Ty then choked Nye and jumped up and down on him so hard that his knee marks took skin on Nyes back off. The recording from the sheriff interview Ty stated at one point Nye stood like old time boxer to protect his face, Ty then laughed. Laughed because he realized this old guy did not know how to even fight. Rod Pacheco's and Sheriff Sniffs staff saythis is mutual combat.

27 year old Ty Reddish Jumped up suddenly hit 68 year old Nye Frank, grabed him by the head pulled him to the ground with all his weight. Then was choking him and jumping up and downon his back then chest. Nye's ribs were broken, and Ty's knee marks took the skin off his bloodyback.

Nye Frank, The first hit was when Ty jumped up to hit Nye in the face. Nye pulled Lee Frank his wife out of the way. Ty got Nye in the mouth, and then grabbed him by the head and let his feet out from under him. This way to pull Nye down to the ground face down, then kept jumping on him with his knees on his upper back.

Nye Frank, Ty Reddish has combative personality. He is trained fighter. He looked crazy on drugs the day Nye attacked. The Sheriff and DA prosecutor D. Calhoun did not drug test him. Ty said he used two signature choke holds on Nye. The Sheriff report says he did not intend to hurt Nye. Tyhas history of violence in the neighborhood.

Nye Frank, This was gentle man who didnot fight. He trained aton of young men in his industry through out the years and they can attest to his gentle nature. He worked around hot heads with out fights.

Something not right Riverside DA with this case- The man who killed 68 year old Nye Frank in front of Lee Frank has put a trailer and moving two doors down from 72 year old Lee Frank. Please help us.

This is a case of a DA doing a favor for a friend. With proof. Also a rubber stamp from Attorney General, documented mess ups from DA, Sheriff, Coroner, Victims advocate, Judge, probation department. 

A investigation of the DA in Riverside County by Grand Jury currently underway for DA pressuring to change reports. 

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 4:07 AM, Dawn Breedlove <> wrote:
Have sent a complaint to APS and no response. The man who killed 68 year old Nye Frank in front of Lee Frank has put a trailer and moving two doors down from 72 year old  Lee Frank. Please help us. 
My letter to Nova

To Nova

Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:07 PM


Regarding my Father Gordon Nye Frank and Lee Frank 16789 Valley Hi Dr, Banning CA 92220
Elder Homicide in Riverside County- case closed by exception. Da said they called it a mutual combat when the only person who hit was the 27 year old.

Aug. 5 2007 my 68 yr old father was attacked in front of my 72 year old mother. Both Nye and Lee Frank have never been involved with the law. The 27 year old( 40 years diff) Ty Reddish has professional wrestling training. He admits on the audio tapes he used signature choke holds on my dad. The police interviews reveal that the guy has a combative disorder. Also it reveals a personal relationship with the father of the guy and the DA office. The case was closed without investigation as a mutual combat. There is not any proof that my father hit ever. And the injuries show a person who was beat with rage. The guy and family have followed my mother, told people not to visit her, or let her in her house. The Riverside Sheriff said that there is nothing they can do. My father led a very public life without violence. This is a terrible experience. We have tried getting help. We were always told by DA also that there is not a elder advocate when the DA just got a award for that division. The fire department put down no injuries on the report. The coroners report has homicide with natural causes as cause of death. The DA kept telling us it was a heart attack when the coroner said it was not. Attorneys say it will take too long to sue and too much money. Where is there justice for my father and mother? We have requested the lab, photos, and xrays and DA says no because we could sue them. The internal affairs was contacted by nova. They gave us the police report and autopsy as the sheriff and DA refused. After listening to the audios we asked them if they are investigation this. They said no they do not investigate just giving us the information. And stated that now that we made a complaint they cannot talk to us. The 27 year old also was never drug tested while on probation for DUI. DA refused to let the judge know before released off probation, and was let out of jail in three days without bail. We keep being told the DA has to be the one to do something. What if they wont as a favor to a friend. Where are my parents rights and protection. Also it is a area with a lot of other seniors. My mothers house is two doors from where this guy plans to put a house. Right across from the mail boxes and news stand. Can anyone or department help. The idea of a private attorney has not worked as it will take my mothers life time income and assests and she will be dead before end of case. Dawana Breedlove 310 619-6260, I can email any documents I have on this case.




From: Lisa Nerenberg <>
Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 11:25 AM
To: Dawn Breedlove <>


Dear Dawn,
I read your letter with  great sympathy and frustration. As you may imagine, I get emails like yours almost daily describing situations that cry for investigation and follow-up. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills or expertise, not to mention the time, to serve as an advocate for everyone who contacts me. Your note has, however, inspired me to follow up by sending out a call to colleagues to help develop guidelines to help family members like yourself find help and recourse when systems fail. I realize that that doesn't provide the immediate help that you need, but possibly it may help others in the future. I will also hold on to your email and let you know if I come upon any resources or ideas. Good luck to you.

To: Andre O'harra <>

Mr Ohara -I feel bad having to request from you what I need. I have been reading several corruption cases and it makes me feel like I am putting you in unfriendly waters. I would not if I did not have to. I do not want to put anyone in danger. But unfortunatly you and I are in the same boat. Sorry.

I have been reading the laws regarding citizens over 65. I believe after reading the information I have that my mother has a legal standing to actually stand in my fathers place with all the rights he would have. Also I believe this case should of been reported to protective services as my father was over 65 and my mother who was also at the attack and had her husband choked in front of her while he was passed out. I cannot tell you what this has done to my mothers well being mentally and physically.  The law states anyone over 65, not just a dependent.

The situation in our small community has become very stressful. This is not just going to go away.


My mother and I know how it feels. I had told you before how the Reddish family had followed us the first night of my dads death, yelled at our host for inviting us, then rang the phone every few minutes during dinner. They have watched our home and anyone from our area that visited us was harassed several times. Now the neighbor who was in jail for trying to kill his mother in law is out. I had asked about getting records on the case before. Several people close to that case early on before we knew no investigation told me Ty was selling illegal guns before.  He use to work construction under the table with the guy. It is told as a fact not a story in our area. No police records of course on it.
.  No one will even look at mom she has lived here 30 years. I know it is fear they have but it still hurts. And mom is so alone now, she needs support. But I have to tell you my mom still shows the great spirit of who she really is. The family across the street from us, never have checked on my mom after my dads death. But both parents were in a terrible accident. The father died leaving 5 children and wife in the hospital several months. They have a yard full of animals, 4 horses, 2 goats, pigs, chickens, ducks,dogs and more. My mom with asthma bought the food and fed all of these animals twice a day till the family came home. Even had someone fix water leaks in the yard. There was not even a thank you note, call, smile, just nothing. One time  her kids talked to mom and she yelled at them. I know it is fear because we have never done anything bad to these people. In fact Nye and his friend just prior to their moving to their house saved it during the esparanza fire with buckets and shovels.  

Reddish dad claims they own the road now and stated to me he is closing it off so mom cannot get to her house. He says I am on his private property going on the road.   I told Mr Reddish he does not have the right even if he owned it as it has been over as it is  7 years of public use. I checked the bondaries and he does not own it, the county has a public easement and it  has been in use for 30 years. I want you to know this in case he kills me or my mom  making  this claim as he did with Nye. Now especially with the new gun laws. My moms best friends since she was 16 to 2003 was the  original owners of Reddish property.  Ty's mom was the grocery girl for prior owner  ( Red ) John Hudspeth. Unfortunately Red had called mom and asked her to take him to a attorney just over a week before he died because he was being asked to sign stuff while blind. Mom was sick and her father in law in hospital for heart attack at the time. She asked him if he had a will and he said yes. He stated leaving it to his only heir his step daughter who mom knew, and  that is what he and his wife agreed to.   We were not even told for a long time that he died. Diana Dimaggio a ex prosecutor there in Banning office current law office right across from Rod Pacheco's office represented the Reddish family to get the house stating she was trustee now and told Red's daughter take ten thousand or nothing. She was not able to fight it. Dianna's husband is a attorney also (DUI attorney) last name Taylor we were  told he was at Ty's often after my dads death. There were two people with last name Taylor on the sheriff report there day my dad died, along with going with him to the station.  Jo Taylor I looked her name up and another gov person.  The recordings I got from you has her on it and then it has Phil Reddish saying in his own voice how he is a goverment teacher and one of his students Brian Floyd cheif deputy under Rod Pacheco in the past told him how this can be handled as muttal combat,  Anyways all signs show this situation is blessed from the top.

I went to both Rods office and  Mike Rushton as I know they can give me a letter to authorize the release  for my mother's request. Mike Rushton at the DA office said no and gave me a letter to that fact that they would not authorize this. He even gave me a letter saying we can go to grand jury but they do not share any documents. The corruption there is blantant and when it's that blantant it's coming from the top.  I want you to know I had also gone to Rod Pacheco's office to get assistance and they said I have to go back to Kim Emmerling. My request was to meet with Rod Pacheco not the victims advocate. The day I went to Rod Pacheco's office the victims advocate could not find any notes in the computer system about my meetings with Kim Emmerling,  Rushton, and Calhoun. I called Kim regarding this and when I went to her office the day I came there Kim said yes they did find the notes under my name Samimi. Why isn't under my fathers name as in the past. Kims manager came to the front to confirm all notes are there.

I would like to see if I can have the notes from my meetings with Kim Emmerling and Mike Rushton. Can you please get these for me before destroyed. Kim and her boss said all the notes are in the computer.  Or give me the written procedures to get them. I am also requesting from you written procedures for when we are denied documents due to the claim of privacy or for the reason I was denied my request. I cannot have my fathers case reviewed with out my request. Every attorney I spoke to said they need to have the autopsy film, xrays and lab work.

The denial is denying my mothers and fathers rights to due process of their constitutional rights.

Also the code you gave me last time was wrong it does not have anything to do with the privacy act I believe. Go back and look at your notes to me. Please note from my understanding I can have documents created before any case physically started. I am only requesting the documents created before I filed. Web sites I read about foia, privacy act, Elder act, also state that you have to prove they are exempt not me. I cannot get a autopsy review with out the film, xrays, lab.

Before and even during my meeting with you I had no case or complaint filed and did not start the internal affairs investigation. I stated to you I did not want to file a case. I just want justice for Nye Frank and protection and justice for Lee Frank. The internal affairs were tipped off by someone else. Internal affairs contacted me, and in fact did not disclose they were internal affairs. When the investigator called he did not leave a phone number or the department, but left his name on our recorder. I looked the investigators name up in google and saw his name in the news being hired for internal affairs to investigate corruption in Riverside County. In fact he was in the news for removing several officers from their positions. He told me your name and said you are my only contact to get anything regarding this case.  I was able to confirm you were in internal affairs by looking you up. Before this I had called NOVA a national organization for victims and requested their help in understanding my mothers rights in getting the police report and autopsy. I told them  the records department said case is closed. Prior to his when I had called the records department of both the police and the coroners they said the case was closed but they still had notes in the system not to release the reports and they could not and did not understand why.

When Lee Frank requested the reports the records from both departments for police and autopsy they confirmed the system documents case closed, but file could not be released. Staff at the sheriff office told Lee Frank and her neighbor case will be investigated for a year so she has to wait one year for reports. I went bact to the Sheriff office to request the reports, Wilimin the office manager said they will not release them. And even if court ordered they would be completely blacked out except Nye' name and case number.

The office manager of the Cabazon station told me if report was given now it would be completely blacked out except for Nye Frank's name and case number. She also said my mother can be the only contact even with my general power of  attorney for my 72 year old mother.  I requested Kim at DA office let Mike Ruston know what was going on.  Sheriff Dept. and DA office was provided all names, phone and address to parties  who had information regarding this case and felt it was important to be interviewed. I have the fax confirmation of this information was sent to all three homicide detectives on their fax, and email, along with a copy sent to DA office with confirmation given to Rushton. All parties confirmed they had not been contacted ever.  This is not in line with both the Riverside Sheriff department, and Prosecutors proceedure's manual. Detective Martinez, John Shultz, Dan Wilheilm with the Homicide department said DA office said not to investigate stating as a fact Nye Frank had a heart attack. We contacted the Coroner office and they stated they never said Nye Frank had a heart attack. I immediately called Homicide Dept. Jesse Martinez told him what coroner said. I requesting he investigate, and asked him why he said heart attack. He told  me he guesstimated it. To get the report they still made my mom go herself in the snow and rain. 

The Sheriff office all  the DA office falsely told Lee frank that at the original autopsy the coroner said Nye had a heart attack, said not to investigate it as they insisted the Coroner told them Nye had a heart attack. I thought the situation was the opposite and separate departments.  The sheriff office starting and doing the investigation, then providing the information.  Also the coroners office originally would talk to me then they told me there was notes in their computer system not to talk to me. I asked them if that is typical and they said no.

I went to the court house when there after my visit to your office  and they said if I did not have a criminal case number I could not file a court request, because they had no jurisdiction.  When I went to the help desk and they called to get me the requested information I was shocked because I actually heard the persons voice on the other line tell the young guy don't help her. OOPs !!

I then went to the public defenders office and spoke to them and they confirmed I had a problem because I did not have a criminal case number. She felt bad because she said if I go to court she will be representing the other side. She knew what she was looking at.

A few days after my dads death my friend a retired probation officer asked me,  Dawn where is this place, how large is the  population, and is the dad some kind of coach. Took her just five minutes to see a Ol boys club and all the tactics. After all this is over I think we may write a book.

Before we got autopsy it was given to the Press Enterprise by either coroner or DA office. I have proof of that fact. Five months after my dads death front page and falsely planting bias saying heart attack. I got my report from press enterprise fax before I was mailed one. I was informed  news guy Prosecutor Calhuoun's  was his girl friends room mate. 

Several tributes to Nye have been done. Now they are making a documentary to put the info out big. Nye just the night before he died stated he wanted a perfect reputation. A fist fight in the dirt with someone 40 years younger and saying Nye started it and choked Ty is not acceptable. And to say my mom is lying you don't understand how big that is as she hates it when people lie. I had surgery and on IV six weeks. Now back on it. We never put our story out there till now. We just always thought the legal system works. Boy what a wake up call. 

I have requested several times for a victims advocate that specialized in seniors. I was told Riverside does not have one but then recently saw in the news they do. Please contact them and provide what Lee Frank and Nye Frank have a right to. 

Dawn Breedlove 


Dawn Breedlove

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