Monday, August 11, 2008

Nye Frank Racing Homicide Cover up

Just got off phone with Mike Rushton Da referred by Kim. He said he is familiar with this case. He said for me to send in the affidavit, DA Riverside County, Mike Rushton, 4075 Main St, Riverside Ca He said surly we would not want to ruin someones life for having a mutual fight. He is basing the info on moms statement. I asked him for a copy of the statement and he said we have to petition it from detective. said we have to partition for a copy of moms statement to the DA and Sheriff.
Aug 11,2008- When we got the police report nothing there that mom could of said to affect the case. Then we got the audio and it was the same thing. Was this just another instance of Riverside County Authorities taking advantage of the vulnerable of society? This is pretty scary, Mike Rushton is now a judge with Riverside County. I am surprised as they just removed a corrupt judge. Maybe he got caught too many times.  

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