Thursday, September 24, 2009

Riverside NYE FRANK RACING HOMICIDE: Riverside County Homicide Cover up: closing homicide exceptional

Riverside NYE FRANK RACING HOMICIDE: Riverside County Homicide Cover up: closing homicide exceptional

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Nye Frank Racing said...

Why would DA Chief Deputy Mike Rushton need to seal a elder homicide autopsy claiming his privacy?

Why Would the County Supervisors, Coroner, Sheriff, Prosecutor, DA, DA Victims advocate put in a false statement of fact into court? Statement that contradicts the autopsy itself.

The family of Nye Frank asked for 1.Protection from the stalking of the Reddish family. The agencies let it continue with zero protection to Lee Frank a 72 year old woman.

2. Asked the coroner to meet with us and to have the autopsy meet legal guidelines. Asked why the coroner states no heart attack but the DA staff, sheriff state it as a fact. Who decides?
3. Asked to sheriff to investigate and interview people who had given affidavits.
4. Asked the Internal Affairs to document and help to correct this situation when they had provided the proof of corruption. Instead they said they could not talk to us.
5. Asked the DA Victim Advocate for a Elder Advocate. Told there was not one when there was Federal Funding for one and DA Rod Pacheco got a award for one. Asked Victim Advocate Kim Emmerling what our rights were and for them in writing. Took 5 months to get them. Asked Kim Emmerling to report Mike Rushton for the misconduct and his admitting it in her presence along with proof she witnessed it.

6. Asked the DA Rod Pacheco, with giving his personal staff and DA Victims Department factual proof the records in Riverside and Banning courts did not match to investigate and help correct this situation. Ty Reddish probation not showing in Banning Court Records. (Mark Dimaggio is alleged to have changed records)
7. Supervising Judge Richard Fields- Sent him all documentation showing that Ty Reddish was on probation under him and the court records not matching, his arrest, and request to go to his probation hearing. He sent a letter to confirm he got our letter before the hearing but wrote to tell us the DA must contact him not us. (Alleged in public records Judge Fields on organizations committees with both Brian Floyd and Prosecutor Daima Calhoun.)

8. Reported immediately the threat of arrest to Lee Frank by Daima Calhoun if she pursued this case. Color of the law violation

We just wanted justice. Now we want Justice and damages. Lee Frank has been stalked, isolated by the Reddish family with the full knowledge of the Sheriff, DA, Internal Affairs, Supervisors. They Conspired to prevent justice and allowed the continued injury