Thursday, September 24, 2009

Riverside County Homicide Cover up: closing homicide exceptional

Riverside County Homicide Cover up: closing homicide exceptional: "Retired Mesa master police officer Bill Richardson, who writes frequently on crime policy issues in Arizona, reviewed the MCSO investigation notes and exceptional clearance in the Abigail Brown case. He concluded that the circumstances clearly did not meet applicable requirements for clearance by exception. Moreover, Richardson observed, 'The investigation conducted by MCSO was delayed, incomplete and showed a strong bias against the female victim.'13"

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Nye Frank Racing said...

Lee Frank now 74 and her daughter have been trying to get the Riverside County Supervisors and court to bring justice and protection in the homicide cover up of 68 year old Nye Frank.
During the last two years Lee Frank has been stalked, with full knowledge of the Riverside County Sheriff and DA offices and Supervisors. She was threatened by the prosecutor if she pursues this case the prosecutor Daima Calhoun would arrest her. The internal affairs told Lee they could no longer talk or help her because she made a complaint with proof of the corruption from the very documents and audio the internal affairs gave her. The judge in Riverside Superior court told Lee Frank if she pursues this she may get sued for she has, and he doubts if she can find a attorney or could afford one. He also states he doubts if she will ever be heard in court. He denied her assistance from her daughter even though requested in court documents. Along with documents removed from the records.