Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogger: Nye Frank Racing - Post a Comment

Blogger: Nye Frank Racing - Post a Comment: "Nye Frank Racing said...

68 year Nye Frank led a very public life with zero history of fighting and life long friends. Three long term friends who have known him for over 30 years spoke at his services. At the time of the service we did not know the workings of the Riverside County Sheriff and DA to cover up the Homicide For a friend of DA staff. So many people participated and the County let Lee Frank 72, now 74 be stalked and denied her all her civil rights and protection. They sealed Nye Franks case claiming privacy for the DA, Sheriff, Coroner, Supervisors. We hope the race industry feels Nye Frank and Lee Breedlove Frank have contributed significantly to the industry and they will help to write officials that they want this case investigated, and the corruption punished not only for Lee and her family but for all the outstanding favors to cover up such crimes. Lots of parties involved. I hope this stops. But it will only stop if the public speaks up"

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