Friday, September 25, 2009

Civil Rights Denied Fastest woman on Land Famous Race Car Builde Homicide Cover up#comment-reply

Nye Frank Famous Race Car Builde Homicide Cover up#comment-reply: "Closed behind closed doors by DA and Sheriff- Like the Maricopa Sherriff is being investigated for right now. But on top of that Nye Frank was over 65 and the Legislation has stated laws on how to handle these cases. The DA over stepped his authority in this case.
Lee Frank was threatened and denied her civil rights by both the court and the prosecutor. The prosecutor threatened her that she would arrest 72 year old Lee Frank if she pursued this case. The Judge told Lee he doubted she could find, afford a attorney or ever get her case heard.

The internal affairs gave her the audio and pictures that prove the corruption but after putting in a request for investigation they said they can no longer talk to her"

DA staff told Lee Frank 72 that Riverside did not have a Federally funded Elder victims advocate. While a couple of months later Rod Pacheco got a award from the Goveneror for his excellent DA elder victim Advocate program.

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