Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riverside County

COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE is expected to consider a Los Angeles County copycat ordinance including cats.
According to Robert Miller, Director, County of Riverside, Department of Animal Services, the draft ordinance is
still at County Counsel's and will not be available for review until it reaches the BOS agenda. For local news, see
the Press-Enterprise. [The animal ordinance in effect in 2006 ncludes a $50 unaltered dog license and extensive
other provisions. See 12/26/08 entry for later amendments.] Board of Supervisors Riverside Animal Services
aborted a series planned series of 4 community forums after one presentation on Saturday, June 3 at which a
"survey" was collected from participants although the proposed ordinance was not available for review. Click on
the link for current agency information and description of the ordinance. DRAFT MICROCHIP ORD. DRAFT
MANDATORY S/N ORD.4 new "Open Forums" on the proposed ordinances were held from July to October. These
separate ordinances have been under review by County Counsel and expected to return in 2007.
12/15/08 BOS 12/16/08 Agenda item 3.16 on the Policy Calendar (Presented for Block Approval; Supervisors have
the option of excluding discussion items from a master motion) presents for introduction ordinance amendments
for mandatory sterilization of both dogs and cats and mandatory microchipping, to be set for hearing January 13,
2009, 9:30 a.m. per public advertisement requirement. Updated 1/28/09, item passed unanimously. Earlier in 2008,
Ordinance 630, as amended through 630.11 made amendments to Dogs & Cats . Introduced Ordinance 630.12
would further amend these provisions. 630.12 amendments integrated into 2008 ordinance. Amended and passed,
1/13/09 public hearing; final adoption 1/27/09: effective 3/1/09.

CITY OF BEAUMONT (Pop 30,000) Reference ordinance (Ord. 935, adopted 4/08) prior to fall 2009 ADOPTING
amending Ordinances 960 (MSN, microchip, related items/hearings) and 961, zoning, (see 10/20 minutes below).
10/6/09 Police Chief Frank Coe, City Council presentation of "mandatory spay neuter" ordinance patterned on 2009
state SB 250, MSN only if found in violation of another law, other changed, 4-0 approved w/amendment, if cat
impounded twice in 6 mos,, mandatory microchip. 10/20/09 Council 4-0 (minutes extract) adopted 960 (final
version) as amended, however final cat microchip provision differed: only if cat impounded for redemption, i.e. not
field citation. Dogs microchip at 4 mos.

CITY OF RIVERSIDE City Council Public Safety Committee on March 19, 2007 (Agenda) heard a citizen oral
presentation requesting imposition of limits on numbers of pets. 3/19/07 Committee Minutes Press Coverage
3/25/07 6/4/10 City Council Land Use Committee considered/approved MSN, Microchip, MSN secondary to animal
violations, 4 dog/9 cat limit, grandfather up to 20 years, new permit system - to Council. Press coverage 6/3/10
Staff Report: Public Works 6/3 Draft Ordinance Part 1 - Definitions Part 2 - Residential & Commercial Kennels
Part 3 - Spay, Neuter & Microchip Public Works Dept Presentation Pgs 1-6 Pgs 7-12 Pgs 13-18 NEW FILES 6/6/10
6/11/10 City Council agenda, Tuesday, June 15 AS PUBLISHED, Discussion Calendar, Item 1 immediately following
3 pm start time of meeting. Staff Report 6/15 Proposed Amendments

SACRAMENTO COUNTY: NEW 3/24/10 Public Meetings Page
UPDATED 5/17/07 COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO where an activist coalition has been plotting a high-fee ordinance
($200 unaltered) for the last year held a workshop with the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,
February 21st to advance its "Animal Overpopulation Ordinance" into the legislative process as the first step of
its plan to enact ordinances throughout the region. The Board unanimously directed staff to proceed with
developing an ordinance. Read the Coalition to Stop Animal Overpopulation's proposal and Wo

in reference to: Current Legislative Materials (view on Google Sidewiki)

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