Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Ty Reddish within a couple of hours of using two signature choke holds on Nye that he admitted to. His dad is the wrestling coach and Goverment teacher at Norco High School. Ty was let off without bail. He and his parents have harassed Lee Frank now a 73 year old widow. The officials of Riverside part of the ol boys club ganging up on a senior widow. It is pretty disgusting. DA claims privacy to Nye's autopsy because we could prove corruption. We have asked for help. Attorneys say we have a case but too exspensive to fight it edit Delete caption
dbreedloveJul 3, 2008 3:26:17 AMdelete
Not a heart attack, not a fist fight, this was a attack by a man 40 years younger than Nye Frank. Nye was celebrating his new home and new Menzie race car project. He was buying a newspaper and resting from moving. Sucker punched, by a person who is a trained wrestler and baseball player. Trained by his Father Phil Reddish Norco High School wrestling Coach and Politics. Phil is well connect with DA office part of Ol boys club. Past student campaign manager for Rod Pacheco, Sheriff Sniff, CHP. Murder
dbreedloveJul 3, 2008 3:28:02 AMdelete
Press Enterprise was given the autopsy before the family, planted a bias story front page 5 months after the event. Non of the papers before this would put anything in paper. Several came to interview us then said editor said cannot run story.
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